In 2014 we had started to negotiate with HOPS to integrate regular testing purposes by installing Cicuit Breakers from vaious suppliers. By end of 2014 we performed on site at s/s Zerjavinec with our local partner a demonstration of KoCoS Test and Measurment system – ACTAS, in combination with PROMET and EPOS, to perform a total circuit breaker test.

The 420kV circuit breaker, with following technical specification – Three pole HV CB, single pole operated, two interrupter units (SF6) with capacitor, hydraulic drive, rated control voltage 220 V DC. CB is assembled in coupler field (main-aux bus 400 kV) – had been tested successfully, according customer requirements and needs.

This frequent testing will help HOPS in evaluating their technical need on each circuit breaker → fast, easy and cost effective.

Facility / Plant / Site s/s Zerjavinec
Client / Partner ARIES
End-Client HOPS Transmission System
Country HR
Year 2017
Status Completed
Voltage Level 400 kV, 220kV, 110 kV
Supplier KoCoS
Products & Systems ACTAS / Circuit Breaker Test System
PROMET / High-Precision Ohm Meter
Industries Power Transmission
Services Sales