Devices for breakdown voltage testing

Efficient and reliable

The impurity of insulating liquids is assessed with the help of breakdown voltage testing. Based on the test results, you will identify whether the oil has aged, e.g. due to increased water content, if there are impurities or if the oil has oxidised

The perfect device for all applications

There are two BAUR devices available for breakdown voltage testing: the DPA 60 C and the DPA 75 C. Both are designed for use in laboratories as well as for portable use. The larger DTA 100 C unit is designed for continuous operation in the laboratory. The latter is also available in the DTA IL design for permanent monitoring of the insulating effect.

You can rely on top quality with all breakdown voltage testing devices, for example:

  • Measurement technology and power electronics designed for long service life
  • Glass or high-grade plastic test vessels
  • Precise and reliable measurement results over very long periods
Test cell according to IEC 60156 with micrometer to set the electrode distance.

DPA 75 C
The portable DPA 75 C device is optionally also available with a rechargeable battery. This makes them suitable for use in a laboratory as well as for in situ measurements with medium-voltage transformers. The devices deliver a maximum test voltage of  75 kV symmetric.

DTA 100 C and DTA IL
The DTA 100 C is intended for use in a laboratory and provides a maximum test voltage of 100 kV symmetric. This device is therefore also capable of testing oils used in transformers of the transmission network. As an inline
version (IL), the DTA 100 C also carries out the breakdown strength of insulating oils even when production is running, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers of insulating oils.

Devices for dissipation factor measurement

Condition evaluation through analysis

The established analysis and diagnostic testing of insulating oils with the BAUR DTL C device play an important role in research and development as well as in practice. Knowledge on the current state of insulating materials is gaining impor- tance for cost-optimised, safe mains operation. Based on values measured with the BAUR DTL C device, contaminations of the oil, undesired oxidation by-products or the tendency to partial discharge can also be recognised.

Automatic analysis results

The device measures the dissipation factor, the specific resistance and the relative permittivity of insulating oils in a fully automatic manner. The BAUR DTL C device comes with twelve different test sequences corresponding to the standards (most common according to IEC 60247 as well as to IEC 61620) for quick, comprehensive analysis results. It is also possible to programme up to ten individual test sequences.

Perfection in detail
The dissipation factor measurement (tan δ) can be deter- mined with a level of accuracy of up to 1 x 10-6. The analysis devices are equipped with induction heating of the cell with very accurate temperature control that ensures highly reliable and precise results that conform to standards. The automatic calibration of the empty cell and the provided test sequences enable a swift analysis process.

Additional product properties:
▪ Measurement of the specific resistance with positive or negative voltage up to 100.000 Ωm
▪ Cell draining for multiple measurement via magnet discharge valve
▪ Contactless sample exchange for operating temperature