Test Systems

Provide precise information on the status of the motor and coil of each breaker

EPOS MC3 is a compact, portable motor and coil test system with a particularly powerful AC/DC source. EPOS MC3 can be used to supply power to motors and release coils and can serve as a battery substitute in switching stations and as a power supply for tests using ACTAS circuit breaker test systems. The test system captures the operating currents of spring-charging motors, pump motors and release coils and displays both the numerical results and the curve characteristics of the motor and coil currents on the screen.

Circuit breaker analysis

EPOS MC3 also provides a number of further functions for circuit breaker analysis: • Analysis of motor and coil operation • Determination of the coil resistance • Determination of the minimum operating voltage • Tests for under voltage releases It is easy to analyse the results which can give a good indication of the state of coils, motors and mechanical parts or point to faults between windings.

Unlimited output duration without cooling phases

The electronically regulated source of the EPOS MC3 is practically loss-less and generates very little heat, even at maximum output power. This means that high currents and voltages can be output for almost unlimited periods of time without cooling phases, resulting in significant savings in time and money in comparison with conventional systems.

Simple and intuitive operation

EPOS MC3 features an integrated control panel with a 3½“ touch screen and 7 function keys for operating and controlling the device:

• All settings are clearly displayed
• Test parameters can be edited directly
• Display of output values
• Additional display of operational status via LEDs

A remote control unit is available as an optional extra for controlling the motor and coil outputs.


EPOS MC3 is equipped with interfaces for connection to ACTAS test instruments. Using the ACTAS testing software, EPOS MC3 can easily be integrated as a source in circuit breaker tests. This makes it simple to automate tests and carry out a comprehensive analysis of the test results.

System versatility

The built-in control panel, light weight and low noise level make this robust test system equally suitable for use on site, on the shop floor, or in the lab. All the connections are located on the front panel so the test system can also be operated in an upright position.