In 2011 we had started to negotiate with distribution untility PRE to integrate regular testing purposes by installing Cicuit Breakers from vaious suppliers. By mid of 2011 we performed on site at 110kV s/s in Prague a demonstration of KoCoS Test and Measurment system – ACTAS, in combination with PROMET, to perform a total circuit breaker test.

The 110 kV circuit breaker had been tested successfully, according customer requirements and needs.

This frequent testing will help PRE in evaluating their technical need on each circuit breaker → fast, easy and cost effective.

Facility / Plant / Site PRE
Client / Partner direct
End-Client PRE
Country CZ
Year 2012
Status Completed
Voltage Level 110 kV
Supplier KoCoS
Products & Systems ACTAS / Circuit Breaker Test System
PROMET / High-Precision Ohm Meter
Industries Electric Distribution
Services Sales