In 2012 we had started to negotiate and to influence with distribution company Wiener Netze to to test their Sprecher & Schuh circuit beakers on a regular testing precedure with our ACTAS / PROMET syste. By end of 2013 we performed on site at a 110kV inhouse s/s a demonstration of KoCoS Test and Measurment system – ACTAS, in combination with PROMET, to perform a total 3ph. circuit breaker test. During the test and due to movement of the movement, on one phase extensive vibration appeard and the circuit breaker, so that the beaker fail and break out out of the metal holder. At that point, it was clear that Wiener Netze should have an additional external sensor to measure the vibrations during testing process.

In 2014, Wiener Netze had requested to perform with them a demonstration on a Siemens GIS s/s 110kV with a dynamic timing test, both sideground. The test was peformed successully and our team should customer the synchronized switching of each pole. This specific testing procedure had been performed successfully according customer requirements and needs. Therfore customer was clearly convinced, to decide to pruchase the two sets of ACTAS System in order to use for their standard testing procedure.

This frequent testing will help Wiener Netze in evaluating their technical need on each circuit breaker → fast, easy and cost effective.

Facility / Plant / Site Wiener Netze
Client / Partner direct
End-Client Wiener Netze
Country AUT
Year 2014
Status Completed
Voltage Level 110 kV and below
Supplier KoCoS
Products & Systems ACTAS / Circuit Breaker Test System
PROMET / High-Precision Ohm Meter
Industries Electric Distribution
Services Sales