We realise that projects are delivered with engineers that posses’ creativity, ambition and drive, which is why we are working with the most talented engineers to design, support, and meet our clients objectives. With a passion for engineering, everything we do provides our customers with the best possible cost effective solutions promoting best practice design standards for our clients.

Our Power Engineering Solutions are highly experienced in providing a full range of innovative and cost efficient electrical engineering services. Through concept, survey and design we are able to help deliver successful projects for both public and private customers. We are committed to providing quality design and superior customer service.

Our knowledge and electrical engineering expertise allows us to execute both small and medium/high-scale projects in the electrical power environment on time and within budget. Sharing innovative technologies and processes, our Engineering Design practice drives technical excellence and enhances project delivery.


  • Data acquisition in preparation for grid calculations
  • Grid calculations
  • Documentation of your grid
  • Conceptual design and simulation of lightning protection systems
  • Conceptual design and calculation of earthing measures
  • Conceptual design and calculation of equipotential bonding
  • Preparation of EMC concepts
  • Design of measurement campaigns
  • Execution of measures for the improvement of the quality of supply
  • Owner‘s engineering


When projects are carried out under great time pressure, documentation does not always get the attention it deserves. Our documentation service can help you to produce and manage your project documentation.

We provide:

  • Create a documentation structure which complies with pertinent standards
  • Develop documentation guidelines
  • Update existing documentation in line with the current situation
  • Produce or edit the documentation for your installation in all conventional formats
  • (e.g. DWG, ELCAD, WSCAD etc.)