Netico is a customer-oriented and agile technology company specialized in delivering products and services to industrial customers. We believe that leveraging consumer technologies in industrial applications creates a sustainable competitive edge for engineers and end users. Netico is one of the first companies combining extensive experience in industrial automation with rapid growth of consumer information and communication technologies to create new products and services for professional use.

As a thought leader in the use of consumer technologies in industrial automation, Netico drives constant innovation and leads a community of agile and successful companies and individuals interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional industrial applications.

Netico strives to provide industrial customers with new possibilities to design and operate industrial automation systems. Netico added value is in the expertise and experience on how to safely and securely deploy the latest technologies. In our effort, we will always value integrity, ethics, agility, and full commitment to quality with the lowest possible environmental impact. Our biggest asset are our people, so we are focusing on providing an attractive working environment that nurtures creativity and individual initiative.

NETICO Product Portfolio:
NTPM 100/200, Smart Energy Sensor
Leak Detection System