Cable Testing and Diagnostics

Cost-optimised maintenance through cable diagnostics

The sheath and cable testing supports you in assessing whether a cable system is safe and ready to operate at the time of testing. More and more mains oper- ators emphasise the importance of cable diagnostics as it provides important information on the hidden faults on the systems and, in particular, on the cable network.

Making target-oriented investments

With cable diagnostics you will solve the problem of providing maximum mains availability whilst ensuring minimum maintenance and repair costs. We provide the appropriate tools with our diagnostics systems that make it possible to realise condition-based and cost-optimised maintenance.

Reducing repair costs

Knowledge and understanding of the cable condition make it possible for you to carry out expensive modification and maintenance measures only where

they are really necessary. Preventive measures or exchanging unnecessarily long cable routes are now all in the past.

Quality control on new systems

Today, diagnostics procedures are increasingly being used – even on new cable sections – to evaluate the quality of a joint assembly, for example. This can pre- vent costly complaints or subsequent damage.

Wide range of devices for testing and diagnostics

BAUR offers you products that make it possible to quickly and reliably perform cable and cable sheath testing and condition evaluation diagnostics.

From testing devices with AC or DC voltage, from low to high voltage, con- dition evaluation, online or offline partial discharge detection: BAUR offers you suitable devices and systems for use, in accordance with the applicable standards, on cables, switchgear, isolators, overvoltage arresters, bus bars, transformers and generators.

Compact and powerful – our truesinus® voltage sources

The BAUR truesinus® voltage sources are handy and suitable for all relevant daily tasks: whether cable testing or diagnos- tics. They ensure highly reliable results and thanks to the truesinus® technology developed by BAUR they offer an ideally formed, low-frequency sine voltage as well as the DC voltage required for the sheath testing.

Highly accurate tan δ measurement

Thanks to the ideally formed truesinus®, you can rely on highly accurate measurements of the tan δ and meaningful results with partial discharge measurement, as well as on good reproducibility and comparability of the measured values.

This following speaks for the truesinus® technology

The VLF 0.1 Hz sine voltage is significantly more suitable for the tan δ measurement that is important for the condition evaluation than other usual voltage shapes or frequencies. The ideal, long-waved sine makes it possible to acquire TD measurement results with the highest resolution. With these results, small rises and detailed properties can be recognised and evaluated. With regard to the dissipation factor measurement, the measurement with truesinus® is more sensitive than a measurement with operating frequency.

The advantages of truesinus®

▪Load-independent measurement results
▪Highest tan delta accuracy
▪Reproducible, precise measurement
▪Possible to carry out testing and diagnostic
measurement in parallel (MWT)
▪Short measuring time
▪Compact voltage sources

Overview of our product portfolio

Offline testing and diagnostics in medium-voltage networks

Our well-thought-out and cleverly devised testing and diagnostics systems enable fully automatic VLF cable testing and dissipation factor measurement (Full MW T) in a single flow. This saves time and cost, and delivers precise statements. This is where the BAUR smart testing best demonstrates its strengths.

Online diagnostics in medium-voltage networks

The liona and PD-SGS measuring devices detect existing partial discharges during normal mains operation in a reliable and cost-saving manner. This initial estimation on the condition of a cable route or switchgear makes

effective planning of additional precise offline diagnostic measurements possible.

High-voltage test devices

The PGK series comprises compact DC voltage test devices for electric systems. The tried and tested AC/DC high-volt- age test devices in the PGK HB series offer a broader func- tional scope with continuously adjustable test voltages for DC voltage testing with a selectable polarity up to 260 kV or for AC voltage testing up to 190 kV.