Monitoring system

Manage your energy

Netico NTPM series of smart energy sensors combine monitoring of electrical energy consumption, power quality analysis, and management of electrical energy use in a single powerful and cost effective internet connected device. With Ethernet connectivity and built in web server supporting cloud level analytics, NTPM sensors can be quickly and easily deployed in any energy management scenario, without the need for complex and expensive middleware and long integration projects.


  • Monitor and analyze your energy consumption,
    distribution or production.
  • Optimize, plan and reorganize your energy usage
    in order to lower your costs.
  • Know exactly how much energy and when it is
  • Let the system make decisions, warn you or take
  • Monitor the power quality, lower consumption,
    protect your investments and prolong the lifetime of
    your equipment.
  • Implement at your home, office, factory,
    transformer station, smart grid node, renewable
    energy production site


  • Three-phase and Single-phase measurement
  • Measures over 100 different electrical energy parameters
  • Provides power quality analysis
  • Provides embedded rule engine for event-driven control of energy consumption
  • Integrated alarm system
  • Data archiving
  • Integrated web server
  • Maximum demand monitoring and analysis
  • Ethernet and WiFi support
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Low cost, compact design
  • All-in-one unit solution

Power quality analysis

In addition to consumption, it is possible to monitor over 100 different electrical energy parameters such as: Power Grid Frequency; RMS Voltage, RMS Current, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor of Each Phase; Total Active, Reactive and Apparent Power; Total Power Factor; Phase Missing / Line voltage sag detection and alarm; Total Active Energy; Positive/negative Active and Reactive Energy; Four-quadrant Reactive Energy; Fundamental Active and Reactive Power of Each Phase; Harmonic Active and Reactive Power of Each Phase; Voltage and Current Harmonic Content of Each Phase.

Integrated web server

All NTPM100 software features are embedded in the device. No additional software is needed. A user only needs a computer with a web browser to access all of the functions, like:

• Real-time monitoring and control
• Device configuration
• Data archive analysis

Rich connectivity

There are three connection options available for interconnectivity with other equipment and IT infrastructure:

• 10/100Mbps Ethernet – optional
• IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi) – optional
• RS485 as a standard feature on all models.

The sensor supports Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and XML protocols for information interchange.


Support for manual or event-driven relay control. The sensor provides two digital relay outputs as a standard feature. Embedded rule engine can generate alarms, events, and control relay actions based on real-time measurements combined in configurable set of rules to achieve concrete energy saving actions.

Data archiving

Every sensor comes with embedded internal storage available for data archiving and used for local energy consumption reports and web server graphs and trends. It is possible to store all the measured data with 1- second resolution for a period of 1 month. In addition, it is possible to store the most important energy parameters measured in 5 minute intervals for up to 5 years. The device supports optimized writing and read access for flash data storage to ensure long memory lifetime.