Test Systems

Reliable power output

INDEC vacuum test systems monitor a wide range of containers during the production process, including bottles, jars and cans, by measuring the cap panel concavity of their closures which is dependent on the vacuum inside.
This non-contact inspection reliably identifies defective containers for automatic rejection.

Product Overview

In-line vacuum test systems – INDEC VD100 / VD 300 / VA300 

Ensuring that products meet the highest quality standards is absolutely essential in the manufacture of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in particular.

Leak-tight product containers have a major role to play here. Leak-tight product containers have a major role to play here. Leakages allow the contents of a container to get out, but more importantly they also allow germs to get in, rendering the contents unusable.

INDEC vacuum test systems monitor containers for leak tightness fully automatically within the production process. A wide range of containers, including bottles, jars and cans as well as tubs and trays, are tested for leak tightness by means of a non-contact inspection.

The means to this end is a pre-existing vacuum or a vacuum created in the container expressly for the purpose of leakage testing. Containers which are not leak-tight are reliably identified and automatically rejected.

These processor-controlled test systems are highly reliable and extremely easy to use, qualities which have played no small part in making them the first choice already for many companies throughout the world.

Vacuum inspection with INDEC

The non-contact, 100% in-line vacuum inspection of jars, bottles, cans and similar containers is carried out within the production process. Containers which show insufficient vacuum, cocked/tilted caps or missing caps are reliably identified and automatically rejected.

A sensor measures the cap panel deflection which is dependent on the vacuum inside the container. The measurement values are evaluated by the testing software, leak tightness is assessed by comparing the data of each container with the data of a golden sample. The desired values are determined automatically by means of a simple, easy-to-use teach-in function. All container parameters are saved format-specifically and settings are made at the touch of a button. Manual adjustment of the vacuum sensor is only necessary if there are large differences in the dimensions of the containers, the parameters are saved format-specifically here too.

The systems are operated using a touch screen in combination with a membrane keypad. All system messages and information about the current test procedure are displayed clearly on the colour graphics display. System components are connected via plug-in  in the connection unit. All housings and plug connectors can withstand high-pressure/steam cleaning in compliance with IP69K.

Equipment Overview

INDEC VA turnkey test systems

 INDEC VA turnkey test systems are pre-assembled before delivery and can be fitted to the conveyor system in just a few simple steps. The systems can be used as independent units or can be integrated within existing test systems. A range of different models are available to meet the requirements of specific applications.

INDEC VD vacuum test device

 As an alternative to the turnkey systems, INDEC VD vacuum test devices are available in various configurations providing optimum solutions when the full functionality of the systems is not required or when certain components are already present.
Thanks to their modular design, INDEC VD devices can be extended as and when needed. It is easy to add to their functionality in response to changing requirements.

Equipment overview

Operation and system integration

Intuitive operation

INDEC features a robust membrane keypad and a high-contrast colour graphics display. All user controls are located on the front panel of the test device for good access and easy operation with a clear view of the process environment.

Clear colour graphics

The colour graphics used for the display of measurement results and operational status guarantee optimum presentation and visual perception of all information. Specially selected colours contribute to the clear design of the user interface. Intuitive graphics and icons maximise clarity.

Simple PC and network connection

An Ethernet connection is provided for carrying out system maintenance and upgrades on site or via remote access.
As well as being used for remote maintenance, this interface can also be used for the central acquisition of production data. The analysis and archiving of this data facilitate effective quality management.

Evaluation of external control signals

The evaluation of external control signals makes INDEC test systems suitable for a wide range of different applications. The applications listed below serve as examples of the many possible uses of this option:

  • Joint use of the ejector by external systems
  • Integration of individual sensors, e.g. sensors for fill level monitoring
  • Removal of containers for sampling at the touch of a key
  • Ejection of entire series at production start or in test mode