The energy supply plays a key role in keeping production processes up and running.

Today, 95% of all medium-voltage switchgear are customer installations. As the operator of the installation, the customer is obliged to ensure that it is in a proper and safe condition and that tests are carried out regularly in accordance with relevant standards, for example. When an installation of this kind ceases to function correctly, production usually comes to a standstill for a significant period of time. If an insurance claim is made, insurance companies increasingly investigate whether or not the obligation to test the installation has been fulfilled. We test your switchgear and provide the appropriate documentation

Configuration, commissioning and testing of protection equipment

  • Standard and special tests for all types of protection equipment using automatic test instruments
  • Protection relay testing
  • Primary tests on current and voltage transformers
  • Secondary tests
  • Repeat tests
  • Creation of customer-specific test plans
  • Comprehensive documentation of all tests

Measurements and power quality analysis

  • Installation of short-term and long-term measurements and
    use of thermal imaging
  • Fault and disturbance analysis
  • Analysis of the supply situation
  • Investigation of fault causes
  • Identification of the disturbance source
  • Recording of digital signals such as breaker tripping, PLC fault signals, signal outputs etc.
  • Recording of electrical parameters such as voltage, current, active power factor, power   etc. with calibrated measuring devices
  • Temperature measurements (thermal imaging)
  • We use innovative and powerful measuring and test systems which are made in Germany by KoCoS Messtechnik AG

Installation and commissioning service

Our commissioning service can organise the on-site installation of all measuring and test systems, if required.

Depending on your individual needs, we will take on any of the tasks which go to make a successful project, starting with the installation and connection of the devices, continuing on through configuration and commissioning and finishing up with changes to your wiring diagrams and training for your personnel.

Our contribution to the energy revolution

  • We draw up concepts and technical guidelines for
    on- and off-shore projects in the following areas:
  • EMC
  • Earthing
  • Equipotential bonding
  • Lightning protection


  • We are committed to fulfilling your requirements with regard to first-class services for emission-free SF6 gas handling. Without compromise.
  • SF6 gas recovery
  • SF6 gas analysis
  • SF6 refilling service
  • SF6 gas recycling
  • It goes without saying that on-site gas handling is carried out in compliance with the stipulations laid down in (EC) regulation 842/2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases. Full recovery is performed without gas losses. “Zero emissions“ is our philosophy. We work with products manufactured by Dilo, our partner for SF6 services.